Advanced Klaviyo Flows to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

Advanced klaviyo flows

With a myriad of features, Klaviyo has revolutionised the way businesses approach email marketing. It goes beyond the traditional, allowing marketers to create more sophisticated, personalised, and ultimately more effective campaigns. In this article, we’ll delve into some advanced Klaviyo flows that you can leverage to take your marketing game to the next level.

Harness the Power of Klaviyo’s Birthday Flow

Klaviyo’s Birthday Flow is a robust feature that allows you to personalise your email marketing like never before. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it also enhances customer engagement and loyalty. To leverage this, you need to capture the necessary user data through sign-up forms or dedicated campaigns pointing to landing pages. For a comprehensive guide on how to create a Birthday Flow in Klaviyo, check out this article Level Up Your Marketing Game with a Klaviyo Birthday Flow.

Level Up with Klaviyo VIP Flows

Klaviyo VIP flows are another advanced tool you can utilise to categorise and target your customers better. These flows can be triggered based on a customer’s total purchase order or any other parameters you set. VIP flows allow you to reward your most valuable customers and make them feel special, which further strengthens your brand’s relationship with them.

Other Advanced Klaviyo Flows to Consider

Aside from Birthday and VIP flows, there are several other advanced Klaviyo flows that can benefit your business. Here are a few worth considering:

  1. Product Replenishment Flow: If you’re selling consumable goods, predict the average time it takes for a customer to run out of your product. You can then set up an automated email flow to remind them to repurchase before they run out. Instructions: In Klaviyo, navigate to “Flows”, then “Create Flow”. Select the “Placed Order” event and add a time delay that corresponds to your product’s average consumption time. Then, set up an email reminding customers to replenish their product.
  2. Seasonal Flow: Email flows tailored to specific seasons, holidays, or events can greatly boost engagement. Create a flow featuring your summer collection, a back-to-school flow for educational products, or a Christmas flow for gift recommendations. Instructions: Create a new flow in Klaviyo. Select “Date Property” as your trigger and specify the date that corresponds to the start of the season or holiday. Then, design your emails to match the chosen theme.
  3. First-Time Buyer Flow: Thank customers for their first purchase, introduce them to your loyalty program, or offer a discount on their next purchase. Instructions: Set up a new flow in Klaviyo, choosing “Placed Order” as your trigger. Add a filter for “Number of Orders” is 1. Then, craft an email or series of emails that thanks customers for their first purchase and encourages them to continue shopping with you.
  4. Cross-Sell Flow: Recommend related products based on a customer’s recent purchase. Instructions: Create a new flow with the “Placed Order” trigger. Add conditional splits based on the items in the order to personalize the emails and suggest related products.
  5. Abandoned Browse Flow: Target customers who viewed products on your site without adding anything to their cart. Instructions: Enable web tracking in Klaviyo to capture page view events. Create a flow with the trigger “Viewed Product,” add a condition for “Did Not Add to Cart,” and set up an email that re-engages the customer and reminds them of the products they viewed.
  6. Post-Purchase Review Request Flow: Ask customers for a product review after they have had a chance to use their purchase. Instructions: Set up a new flow triggered by the “Fulfilled Order” event. Add a time delay to give customers enough time to use the product. Then, send an email asking for a review.
  7. Educational Content Flow: Trigger a flow providing informative content based on the products or services a customer has shown interest in. Instructions: Create a new flow triggered by the “Viewed Product” event. Use conditional splits to segment users based on their interests and send them personalized educational content.
  8. Re-engagement Flow for Inactive Customers: Trigger a re-engagement flow for customers who haven’t engaged with your brand in a while. Instructions: Create a flow with the trigger “Has not engaged for X days”. Then, create emails that offer special discounts, showcase new products, or simply remind customers about your brand.
  9. Milestone Celebration Flow: Celebrate milestones like a customer’s 1-year anniversary of their first purchase, their 10th order, or when they reach a new tier in your loyalty program. Instructions: In Klaviyo, set up a new flow with the “Placed Order” event as a trigger. Use conditional splits based on order count or date since first order to celebrate customer milestones.
  10. Survey Flow: Send a flow to customers asking for their feedback on your products or services. Instructions: Create a flow with the “Placed Order”

Using these advanced Klaviyo flows, you can greatly enhance your email marketing strategy, boost customer engagement, and increase conversions. Remember, personalisation and timing are crucial for the success of these flows.

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For more advanced Klaviyo flow ideas, consider browsing through Klaviyo’s resources or reaching out to their support team. You can also learn more about other marketing strategies, such as SMS marketing, by exploring the Top SMS Marketing Providers in New Zealand.