Level Up Your Marketing Game with a Klaviyo Birthday Flow

Klaviyo birthday flow

If you’re in the eCommerce world and not using Klaviyo, you’re missing out on some killer features. One of these is the Birthday Flow, and it’s a game-changer for engaging customers on a personal level. Imagine sending personalized, birthday-exclusive offers or messages to your customers, celebrating their special day with them. Sounds good, right?

Why a Klaviyo Birthday Flow is a Must-Have Feature

Let’s dive into what makes this feature stand out:

Automated Email Sending

Klaviyo birthday flows

Once it’s set up, Klaviyo‘s Birthday Flow, it takes care of itself. It automatically sends out birthday messages or offers to your customers (if you set it up properly), meaning you don’t need for you to lift a finger. This level of automation makes your life easier and keeps your customers engaged.


Personalization is a major selling point for the Birthday Flow. Each birthday message can be tailored, making your customers feel genuinely special and appreciated. Check out our guide on optimizing emails for dark mode to ensure your personalized messages look great on all devices.

Customizable Timing

Want the birthday email sent out a week before? On the day itself? Whenever you think it’ll be most effective? Klaviyo lets you set the time, ensuring your message lands exactly when you want it to.

Targeted Offers

Encourage your customers to treat themselves on their birthday. Including targeted offers or discounts in the birthday emails can nudge customers to make a purchase. Our email marketing tips for the food and beverage industry provide some great insight on crafting irresistible offers.

Analytics and Reporting

Klaviyo doesn’t leave you in the dark. It provides in-depth analytics for each flow, allowing you to evaluate the performance of your birthday emails and tweak as necessary. We actually recommend split testing the subject lines, send times… pretty much everything you. Also, make sure to check our guide on testing your emails for compatibility across multiple devices to optimize your email performance.

The Benefits of a Klaviyo Birthday Flow

So why should you care about all these features? Because they bring some serious benefits to the table:

Increased Engagement

Personalised birthday messages can create a stronger connection between your customers and your brand. What is more personalised than celebrating someone’s birthday. This heightened engagement can lead to increased loyalty and sales, as our case studies highlight.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

When you take the time to celebrate your customers’ special day, you’re showing them that they matter to you. This can enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Improved Sales

Who doesn’t love a good birthday discount? Including special offers in your birthday emails can spur customers to make a purchase, driving up your sales. Feel free to stagger the discounts the closer you get to the birthday.


Automation is your friend. With a Klaviyo Birthday Flow, you don’t have to manually send out each birthday message. This frees up time for you to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Data-Driven Decisions

With the robust analytics Klaviyo provides, you can make informed decisions to improve your birthday emails’ effectiveness. It’s all about using data to optimize your marketing efforts.

How to a Rock Klaviyo Birthday Flow

Ready to implement a Klaviyo Birthday Flow? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Create a Birthday Flow

Navigate to the ‘Flows’ tab within Klaviyo and select ‘Create Flow.’

Klaviyo birthday flow 1

2. Choose Date Property Trigger

Choose the ‘Date Property’ option at the bottom of the list of flow triggers. This will set your trigger based on a specific date property, like a customer’s birthday.

Klaviyo birthday flow step 2

3. Select the Birthday Property

Select the property that you’ve used to collect subscribers’ birthdays from the dropdown menu. Make sure at least one profile has this property for it to appear in the dropdown menu. Also make sure you are actually capturing this datapoint

4. Trigger Setup

In the ‘Trigger Setup’ menu, decide when to start the flow: on or before the person’s birthday.

Klaviyo birthday flow step 4

5. Set the Time

Choose the time of day for the target date delay. It’s best to set this earlier in the day and use the recipient’s local timezone.

6. Save Your Settings

Once you’ve configured the settings for the trigger, click ‘Save.’

7. Add Actions

If you’ve opted for the flow to begin before the date, a target date delay will appear. You can add actions before or after this point, as shown in the flow editor.

Klaviyo birthday flow step 7

8. Add Your Messages to your Klaviyo Birthday Flow

Start adding your messages. Don’t forget to add a message on the profile’s actual birthday. For instance, a ‘Happy Birthday’ message right after the flow trigger can be a great start.

Klaviyo birthday flow step 8

Remember, a Klaviyo Birthday Flow isn’t just for traditional birthday messages. You can get creative and send half-birthday messages as well. Just adjust the target date delay to start six months before someone’s birthday for a half-birthday message.

Personalization is the secret sauce in an effective Birthday Flow. As you get to know your subscribers better, consider adding more personal touches to your flows. For example, conditional splits based on profile properties can help you showcase products or styles a particular subscriber loves. This kind of personalization can boost engagement and conversion rates from your birthday and half-birthday flows.

Additional flows similar to the Klaviyo Birthday Flow

If you liked the above Klaviyo flow, check out the following for some extra ideas:

  1. Personalized Discount Flow: Instead of sending a generic birthday message, personalize the flow by offering a unique discount code to each customer on their birthday. This adds a sense of exclusivity and encourages them to make a purchase.
  2. Gift with Purchase Flow: Create a flow where customers receive a special gift or freebie with their purchase during their birthday month. This not only makes them feel valued but also incentivizes them to shop and take advantage of the birthday offer.
  3. Milestone Celebration Flow: Extend the birthday flow beyond a single day. Create a flow that celebrates different milestones, such as the customer’s first purchase anniversary, subscription anniversary, or joining your loyalty program. This allows you to engage with customers throughout the year and maintain their loyalty.
  4. Half-Birthday Flow: Send a surprise message or offer to customers halfway between their birthdays. This unexpected gesture can delight customers and keep your brand top of mind throughout the year.
  5. Social Media Shout-out Flow: Consider integrating your birthday flow with social media. Send customers a personalized message on their birthday, encouraging them to share their special day on their social media platforms. Offer an incentive, such as a discount code, for customers who tag your brand or use a specific hashtag.
  6. Referral Incentive Flow: Use the birthday flow as an opportunity to encourage referrals. Offer a special birthday referral incentive to customers, where they can earn discounts or rewards by referring their friends or family members to your business.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to customise and experiment with different variations to find what works best for your audience and business goals.

With Klaviyo’s Birthday Flow, you can make every customer feel like a VIP on their special day. So why not give it a try? And if you’re looking to explore other powerful marketing tools, check out our article on the top SMS marketing providers in New Zealand for retailers.