Gain a clear understanding of the difference between unique and total opens and clicks in your email marketing campaign results.

Unique Opens and Clicks: What They Mean

Unique opens and clicks count the number of distinct recipients who interacted with your message. For instance, if a single recipient opens your email twice, it’s considered one unique open.

On the contrary, total opens and clicks quantify the total instances your message was accessed. So, if that same recipient opens your email twice, it records as two total opens.

Impact of Apple Mail Privacy Protection on Unique Opens

Apple recently released iOS15, macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15, and WatchOS 8, introducing Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). This update prefetches our tracking pixel, altering the way open rate data on your emails is received. Consequently, open rates appear inflated.

Apple mail privacy for email marketing and its effects

To determine if your unique opens email marketing is affected, we recommend generating a custom report with an MPP property. You can further pinpoint these opens within your individual subscriber segments.

You can learn more about this in our guide on iOS 15: How to Prepare for Apple’s Changes.

Viewing Unique Opens and Clicks on Your Campaign in Klaviyo

The Campaigns tab on your dashboard provides open, click, and conversion data for every sent campaign. These statistics are based on unique interactions.

Upon opening an individual sent campaign, the overview report displays high-level performance metrics initially.

Dashboard on a Klaviyo campaign send

Delving Deeper into Unique Opens and Clicks

The main open and click data presented in the middle section of the report represents unique opens and clicks. These figures align with those displayed on the Campaigns tab homepage.

Note that unique open events may sometimes not be tracked, due to factors beyond Klaviyo’s control. For instance, certain third-party email clients and browser extensions can block tracking pixels, affecting open rates for some customers.

Exploring Total Opens and Clicks

Located at the end of this report, you’ll find data regarding Total Opens and Total Clicks. These metrics represent all recorded interactions. Therefore, if a single recipient received your campaign and opened it twice, it counts as two total opens.

If you notice total open (or click) figures considerably higher than unique opens (or clicks), it might indicate that recipients frequently forward your emails to others.

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Embrace the journey of understanding unique opens email marketing – it’s a stepping stone towards mastering your campaign metrics. Happy auditing!


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