The three tools I use for email marketing

I have sent a lot of emails in my time, and I mean a lot. When it comes to email, I know it better than the back of my hand… which isn’t saying much as I don’t know a whole lot about the back of my hand…

These are three tools that I use for pretty much every email marketing campaign that I send out for my clients

Number 1 – Klaviyo


I typically work with direct to consumer brands, and that means, a direct integration with Shopify is usually a top priority. Klaviyo offers this along with a whole bunch more things.

If you have been reading my blogs you know how much I love the platform. The segmentation is second to none, the flows are kick ass, and the support is amazing.

I am not going much more into Klaviyo, if you want to read my blog on the advanced flows that you can build, just click the link here.

Long story short, I use Klaviyo for pretty much all of my clients email marketing needs (don’t use Mailchimp).

Number 2 – Email on acid

Email on acid allows you test every email before it goes out. Now when I say testing… I mean TESTING. This platform allows you to check every image, every link and pretty much anything for email compatibility. Email on acid also allows you to see how your emails will look on every device that is out there and how they will look in dark mode, which is something a lot of people overlook.

If you are concerned with how your emails will look and how they will reflect upon your brand (which you should be) email on acid is an absolute must have. This tool is essentially a quality checker for anything and everything email. The amount of times it has save my life when it comes to catching errors, is insane.

Number 3 – Figma

Figma for email marketing

The way that I design emails is through the use of Figma. Figma is basically a toned down version of photoshop and is a great at displaying flattened out emails.

If you are working directly with clients, these flattened out files can handle feedback directly from within the platform allowing for nice an easy collaboration with the client, without having to jump on calls and discussing any updates. This platform save me a bunch of time and makes working with clients when it comes to feedback much quicker!


There ya go!

That is everything that I use when it comes to email marketing. There are a bunch of other tools that you can dial into when it comes to email, but if you are just starting out, these a perfect softwares to become familiar with. If I were to have to only pick one of these, I would absolutely go for Klaviyo (obviously since without it you literally can’t send emails, and I would also use email on acid. These two tools will largely ensure that you emails are ending up in peoples inboxes.

If you have any other questions, just reach out!