Skinny Fizz
Email marketing business case study

921% increase in
email revenue
in 30 days



Results in 30 Days
From Go Live

Automations + Campaigns – Compared to previous 30 days

  • Increased total email revenue 921%
  • Increased total email click rate by 101.49%
  • Placed order rate 50.16%
  • Increased email deliveries by 999%
  • Return on investment 337.5%

List Growth in 30 days

  • Grew list by 28% compared to the previous month
  • Conversion rates of 3.135%
  • Multiple ongoing split test

Increased revenue
through key email

& Approach

Increased list size
through sign up forms
and multiple split tests

Increased revenue
through email
campaign management

Template Redesign

In-box was tasked with redesigning and rebuilding all old and new emails across Skinny Fizz’s Account

Template Redesign

Skinny Fizz

Sparkling water with a splash of NZ fruit, tastes the difference. All real. All Aotearoa. All recyclable.

In-box was tasked with increasing Skinny Fizz’s sales volume to both increase Skinny Fizz’s growth and to aid in the social mission through email.

921% increase in email revenue

337.5% return on investment

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