There is a lot that goes into an email.

There is the strategising, the scripting, the building and the testing. It’s not as simple as slapping together a few elements and sending out a garbled message to your entire database, as some people may claim. But for each one of those factors, there is a whole bunch of softwares out there that can help speed up the process of, say, testing an email. Here are the three softwares I like to use for all of the email I send out for every one of my clients.

Number 1 – Klaviyo

So full transparency, I am biased when it comes to email marketing platforms, I just love Klaviyo. If you are an ecommerce brand, Klaviyo is absolutely the go to for you and your business. Getting set up on a platform such as this will allow you to get incredibly granular with your campaigns, automations, segmentation and a whole lot more. Also, if you are using Mailchimp, you definitely want to make the switch. I have written a whole article about how Mailchimp stacks up against other platforms and it’s not pretty.

Number 2 – Chat GPT for email marketing

Anyone who says they are not using ChatGPT to at least help them with their email marketing is either lying or missing out. I regularly use the software to come up with a whole range of campaign ideas across a range of industries. This tool is awesome at coming up with hidden angles and topics that you can push out via a campaign. For example, here is a prompt I sent to ChatGPT for a client of my that sells insoles:

Give me three campaign ideas focusing on the product ‘Insoles’. These ideas should be a mix of informing and selling

And this is what it gave me:

“Step into Comfort” Awareness Campaign:

  • Objective: To educate consumers on the importance of proper foot support and the benefits of using quality insoles.
  • Strategy: Create a series of informative blog posts, videos, and infographics explaining how insoles can alleviate common foot issues. Offer a limited-time discount on select insoles to encourage trial. Utilise testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers.
  • Target Audience: Individuals experiencing foot pain, athletes, and people with jobs that require long hours of standing.

“Insoles for Every Shoe, Every Occasion” Product Range Campaign:

  • Objective: Showcase the diversity of insole options for different shoe types and activities.
  • Strategy: Develop a comprehensive guide that matches insoles with specific footwear and occasions. Launch a social media challenge, encouraging users to share photos of their favourite shoes with the insoles. Offer bundled discounts for purchasing multiple pairs.
  • Target Audience: Fashion-conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals who require tailored insole solutions.

“Transform Your Footwear” Interactive Campaign:

  • Objective: Demonstrate how insoles can transform existing footwear by enhancing comfort and support.
  • Strategy: Host virtual or in-store workshops where experts provide personalised insole recommendations. Launch an interactive online tool where customers can find the perfect insoles for their specific needs. Provide a free trial period or money-back guarantee to reduce purchase barriers.
  • Target Audience: Individuals new to insoles, people with specific medical foot conditions.

Now yes, these ideas definately need some finessing, but with some proper dialing of the prompts, you could easly whip out a month’s worth of ideas, in under 5 minutes. FYI, I recommend paying for the 4.0 version just to get a bit more in depth with the results.

Number 3 – Testing

The testing phase is where I see a lot of people slip up.

The amount of times I have seen people use the old ‘send the email to myself’ testing method… It blows my mind. I have seen full blown agencies doing this and I am telling you, its a bad idea. You want to use software like email on acid to really dial in your designs.

Using a platform like the above is going to allow you to see what your emails look like on all devices, not just your own. There are a bunch of issues that can pop-up across different platforms such as gmail or outlook that email on acid can help alluminate. On top of that, it will also help you optimise for dark mode which is another really commonly overlooked factor.

Those are three key systems I would be using if I were just starting out with email marketing. Now there are a bunch more out there that I could dive into such as list cleaning softwares, asana for project plan… the list goes on. But if you are just getting your feet wet with email, Klaviyo, ChatGPT and email on acid are perfect starting points.

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His mastery in email automation has enabled us to communicate with our audience seamlessly, delivering personalised messages that resonate with their interests and needs. Gavin’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence have ensured that our email campaigns are not only visually appealing but also contain relevant and compelling content.”

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