Understanding when to send email marketing in New Zealand is huge if you are in ecommerce store using Klaviyo in NZ. Today, we delve into the inner workings of Klaviyo’s Smart Send Time feature and its advantages.

The Mechanics of Smart Send Time

Klaviyo’s innovative Smart Send Time uses a two-step method to pinpoint the perfect send time for your email marketing campaigns.

Stage One: The Exploratory Send

In this phase, Klaviyo dispatches an email within a 24-hour timeframe. Each recipient is randomly designated a delivery time in their local timezone.

This feature is available for accounts with a minimum of 12,000 active profiles and campaigns with at least 12,000 recipients. With smaller sample sizes, the results may not be representative, emphasizing the importance of list growth.

Stage Two: The Focused Send

After completing the exploratory sends, Klaviyo zeroes in on the time that promises the highest engagement. An email is sent at the chosen time, with additional sends taking place two hours before and after for validation purposes.

Interpreting Your Smart Send Time Data

Accessing and understanding your Smart Send Time data is straightforward in Klaviyo. By following these steps, you can view detailed data from your Smart Send Time campaigns:

  1. Go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Options.’
  3. Select ‘View Smart Send Time Report.’

Here, you can explore various statistics, such as your Smart Send Time Activity, open rates per hour, opens and conversions per hour, and expected open rate lift.

Open Rate per Hour

This graph displays the percentage of recipients who opened your email at each hour of the day. It considers only the campaigns dispatched using the selected Smart Send Time test, excluding other factors that could potentially distort the data, such as differences in subject lines.

Opens and Conversions per Hour

This graph depicts the number of email opens and subsequent conversions. Even if a recipient receives an email at 8 a.m. and completes an action at 9 a.m., the conversion is attributed to the 8 o’clock email.

Expected Open Rate Lift

This graph contrasts your open rate with and without Smart Send Time, giving an estimate of the potential increase when dispatching emails at the optimal time.

When to Expect Results

Remember, results are dependent on data accumulated from exploratory and focused sends. Initially, the graphs may not display data as it takes several exploratory campaigns to collect enough information. Over time, as more data becomes available, these graphs begin to populate, offering rich insights into your audience’s behavior.

The Smart Send Time is dynamic and may change based on your subscribers’ preferences. It’s advisable to send a focused campaign periodically (e.g., once every six months or year) to ensure that the chosen time still resonates with your audience. But using this tool will help you find the best time to send email marketing in New Zealand.

Further resources on perfecting your email marketing strategy are available, such as our comprehensive guide on How to Test Your Emails for Compatibility Across Multiple Devices, and Top Four Email Marketing Flows Everyone Should Have.

Mastering the best time to send email marketing in New Zealand is a continual process of analyzing, learning, and refining. Happy emailing!


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