The Comprehensive Guide to a Klaviyo Audit: Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy

Klaviyo account audit

Maintaining an effective email marketing strategy requires regular assessments and adjustments, and a Klaviyo audit is a perfect tool to keep your efforts optimized. Whether you’re new to Klaviyo or a seasoned user, conducting a thorough audit of your account can significantly boost your email marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Depending on how active you are with your email marketing (and you should be really active) we recommend doing an overall account audit at least once every three months. To save you the hassle, our team at In-box provides expert Klaviyo audit services. Just shoot us a message and we can give you a hand.

Why is a Klaviyo Audit Important?

With continuous changes in customer behaviors and the digital marketing landscape, regular audits help identify gaps, optimize campaigns, and enhance overall performance. An audit is a comprehensive review that uncovers underperforming aspects and opportunities for growth within your Klaviyo account.

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Also, we have seen a lot of different Klaviyo accounts out there, across a range of different businesses, and rarely have we seen an account that was perfect. Small things like a trigger set up incorrectly or filter not configured well, can actually cost your business huge chunks of revenue. We have seen one client with an abandon cart flow that was using a Shopify trigger even though they should have been using WooCommerce trigger. That little slip up, over three months, cost them $56,732 in lost sales.

Components of a Klaviyo Audit

A Klaviyo audit is not just about checking numbers; it involves evaluating several components of your email marketing strategy:

Flow Analysis

Begin with assessing your flows. Make sure you have the basics set up: Welcome series, browse abandon, abandon cart, winback, sunset, cross-sell, and post-purchase flow.

While setting up flows is vital, continuous optimization is equally essential. Conduct split tests whenever possible and regularly review your flow triggers and filters, adjusting them accordingly. A thorough understanding of your Flows can contribute significantly to your audit.

Segmentation Review

Segmentation is another crucial element of your audit. You should be segmenting by engagement as a bare minimum. Ensure you’re not only reaching the right audience but also sending relevant, targeted content.

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The better your segmentation, the more personalized your campaigns, resulting in higher engagement. Try and segment by engagement first, and then from there, see how granular you can get with purchasing behavior and so on.

Account Billing Review

Keeping track of your billing is a must. Make sure you’re paying only for active profiles, not total profiles. This is why segmenting your database by engagement is crucial. If you find that only half of your database is interested in hearing from you, don’t pay to email all of them. Sometime you can literally cut your Klaviyo bill by 50 percent if you know how to cut things up properly in terms of your audience. Regularly clean your list and remove inactive or unengaged subscribers to keep your list healthy and your costs down.

Design Optimization

Your emails must look good and be easy to read, regardless of the device or viewing mode. This means optimizing your emails for mobile and dark mode. If you’re unsure how to do this, check out our guides on How to Test Your Emails for Compatibility Across Multiple Devices and The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Emails for Dark Mode.

Form Optimization

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The power of signup forms cannot be overstated. Run split tests on your forms and optimize them based on your findings. Experiment with different designs, CTAs, and placements to see what works best for your audience.

We also like to split our forms up based on the devices people are looking the forms on. Have a mobile only form and a desktop only form. The difference in results will surprise you.

Deliverability Check

Assess your account’s deliverability health. Monitor your sender reputation, spam complaint rates, and engagement rates. If there are issues here, your emails may not reach your subscribers’ inboxes, significantly impacting your campaign’s effectiveness.


While conducting your own Klaviyo audit is a must, you can save time and leverage expertise by booking an audit with us at In-box. We offer a comprehensive Klaviyo audit that scrutinizes every aspect of your email marketing strategy to help you maximize your potential with Klaviyo. Through our audit, we ensure your email marketing strategy aligns with best practices and your business objectives. Don’t leave your email marketing success to chance. Contact us today and let’s take your email marketing to new heights with a comprehensive Klaviyo audit.